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Corporate Culture

While tribal knowledge is something we place under our control - the corporate culture is something outside of our control. Corporate Culture is whatever our (and your) Industry 4.0 target platform supplies to all of us. They are going to tell you: “you need to change the way you do most things around here”.

We do not name or link to any of them - we do not affiliate ourselves with any Industry 4.0 provider without a mutual agreement, and we are not in the advert business. Instead we simply say that self-checkout stations in Grocery Store demand that Grocery Store submits all business data and business logic to Industry 4.0 requirements. That is Corporate Culture.

FourOh-LLC and FourOh-LUG ensures that the engineers from the Industry 4.0 service providers do not need to start at Tribal Knowledge. Our mission and our purpose ends there.

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