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Application URI: Hardware
License URI: CC-BY-SA 4.0
Created on 04JAN2021, by wikiadmin

Status Update

05JAN2021 by wikiadmin - For past Status Updates please visit the archives page.
This landing page is now connected to the web forms, and fully documenting Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC. Manufacturing Dictionary is in progress.


FourOh-LLC is not another McMaster-Carr, Digi-Key, Amazon variant or competitor. We only list stuff we use or make locally. For example, the chances for us to list 1-inch dimameter,12-inches long steel hex bolts is practically zero. The list of stuff we do not make or use is virtually limitless, while the list of stuff we do make or use is quite small.

Same as everyone in any industry we benefit from the work of those who were before us, and remain successful. So we build our categories from a combination of:

  • industry standards (ASME, IPC)
  • industry players (manufacturers, suppliers)
  • relevance (applying filters, our own contribution)
  • business logic (structuring a Dictionary, our own contribution)


A short list of references, to ensure the overall integrity of this wiki.

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