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Migration Path

The Migration Path as explained by FourOh-LLC is the process where your business moves from a small shop operating by Tribal Knowledge to a factory or plant ready to implement Corporate Culture. This is not a technology-only process - you need to make all sorts of decisions regarding your business plan, external and internal factors. FourOh-LLC is concerned with the technology-only process, so we coined a term for that part of your Migration Path - the FourOh-SMP, or the FourOh-LLC Suggested Migration Path.

Again, the FourOh-SMP is concerned only with technology - we are not going to consider anything else. For that reason the FourOh-SMP might look to be uniform, simplistic, a one-size-fits-all solution. However, the FourOh-SMP is centered around building a dictionary which is complete (once it happens on one production floor its ready to be show on all production floors) but filtered (if it does not happen on your production floor you are not going to see it).

While Corporate Culture have the luxury to do rapid but extensive whole-sale changes, FourOh-LLC must provide gradual, piece-meal but affordable solutions. This also allows FourOh-LLC and FourOh-LUG to help you with the migration without being exposed to your business logic and business data. The FourOh-SMP provides the foundation to your overall migration plans.




If you read this you should revise your migration plans.


Information is shared on need-to-know basis.

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