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Only products which we have on-hand are listed here. Before we re-stock we visit this page and update it. If the product is no longer made, if the manufacturer is out of business we make a note of it. If we stop using a product - for example, the accuracy of whole placement becomes sub-standard - we make a note of it.

Status Update

05FEB2021 by wikiadmin - For past Status Updates please visit the archives page.
If you are a punch-press operator in Kane County IL who has the capacity, and would consider a production run of these plates please contact us. Must show one or more USP such as better accuracy of the hole distribution, better control of the XY dimensions, and so forth. Our purpose and focus under this category is to catalog industrial capacity - we never ask and we never publish quotes, prices, lead-time.


Nothing on this page is a FourOh-MSC part, product or service.

The TP series of steel plates are used to introduce OpenSCAD scripting to those who wish to share (use and contribute scripts) with FourOh-LLC. Please start at TP15.


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