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Gitea Scripts


These are small OpenSCAD scripts to help ensure that certain parts in a bigger design is going to print the way they should. For example, when you print with cavities which supposed to receive a hex-nut you can use the gaugeHexNutSize script to “calibrate” its height, inner and outer diameters - even the bottom and side wall thickness to make sure the nut is going to function the way it was intended.

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Each model is linked to the OpenSCAD script. Before you print a large, elaborate model make sure critical parts are functional.

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Hexnut Calibration

The hex-nut varies in size depending on:

  • Coarser threads have taller nuts
  • Plastic nuts come in all sizes
  • The slicer configuration alters dimensions
  • Printers, nozzles, filaments differ

Also change wall thickness on the side and on the bottom to handle the required torque.

Once resized just remove the bounding cube to use the tested hex-nut enclosure.

Prints in horizontal and vertical to ensure a close-enough match

The photo of the printed part, holding the hex-nuts snug


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