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Basic Models

Model No.: TP15
Material: 20 ga (33 mil)
Dimensions (in): 1 13/16 (W) - 5 (L)
Number of Nail Holes: 13
Holes sizes: for 0.131“ x 2 1/2” nails or 0.131“ x 1 1/2” nails.
Description: Wood Construction Connectors

Status Update

05FEB2021 by wikiadmin - For past Status Updates please visit the archives page.


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The “assembly” shown here is printed, and the script for them is versioned and cataloged.

The Basic TP15 Plane


Script at Rev. 0.0.1. This is the plain plate, without holes punched, to enclose the TP15.

The TP15 is not designed with tight tolerances, so each plate probably has a different X or Y size.


There is no script for this, its only an intermediate step. The array was NOT created by a loop, instead each hole is a separate declaration.

The array of holes pierced into the steel plate is shifting, so marking the “origin” on the 3D print has no significant benefit. Just shift the array, alter the distribution, or if you really need an origin turn one round hole into a square peg.

Array of Holes

Custom Grid of Slots


Script at Rev. 0.0.1. A grid of slots are still distributed evenly, but they maybe rotated, resized and shown / hidden individually. See if you can change the script to repeat the result shown on the image!

This could be changed with a number of functionalities, and you may alter each slots's XY, not just the Z. However, you should just change the distribution of the slots until all holes on the steel plate become accessible for your purposes.


Script to test is at Rev. 0.0.1. As more and more objects are combined with the plate, the holes maybe applied only where and as they needed.

The image shows the clean, default plane to be printed and used to check the alignment of holes on each new steel-plate you buy. When they do not line up in the store - you know you need to create another template.

The OLD template should be kept around as long as you have those steel plates on hand, in case you need to re-print it.

Difference of plane and holes

The Assemply

The included script produces the result shown - a near perfect match of the overall dimensions, and the grid of holes line up with sufficient accuracy.

Again, the next time I buy these plates they might come from a different piercing die, and the distribution of holes, the distance of the array from edge-to-edge might change enough to require adjustment to the OpenSCAD script. Welcome to Manufacturing!
The printed TP15


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