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Tribal Knowledge

After elaborating on some of the details in Dictionary, we are going to explain the use of the term “Tribal Knowledge” inside FourOh-LLC. We decided that “tribal knowledge” should not be rounded and contained. Instead we are going to establish some facts, and only those which are in our (current) sphere of influence.


One way we describe tribal knowledge is information by word-of-mouth, on paper forms, inside loose spreadsheets, or via third-party data. Our purpose is to capture and migrate these into an enterprise-grade RDMS (Relational Data Management Systems). The RDMS is not necessarily some monolithic “database” - it could mean a connection to one from a spreadsheet, a web site, a wiki, a Directory, or combinations.

All functional manufacturing and warehouse facilities have some “business logic”, and “tribal knowledge” does not exclude enterprise sources. However, when too many of these data sources are necessary the business data is considered scattered, as it has more sources than desired. In other words it could use a more unified platform.


Unfortunately all Industry 4.0 service providers lock the data of their customers inside proprietary systems, and each of those systems have different vocabularies and dictionaries. Their claim to be “open platform”, “interoperability”, “industry standard” is by regulation not by choice. This is not a good thing, not a bad thing, its a fact. So to them all your data and business logic which needs to be migrated is considered “tribal knowledge”.

This is not your perspective, its not ours - its theirs. FourOh-LLC cannot help you here, as they reserve the task to convert your data to their platform. However - you are going to save a lot of time and money when you have your data in our RDMS.


In nearly all cases - if you lose your business data you are going to lose your business. Tribal Knowledge has no guarantees that your business data is protected. A file cabinet and a key to is no protection, neither is a password stuck to the display.

You cannot buy online backup service or other “insurance” for scattered data. Dropbox or Google drive is not going to pay a penny if someone breaks in and steals a spreadsheet full of customer contact information. You may, however, install your own FourOh-LUG stack as it is ready to be configured with backups, archives and fine-grain security.

Again - do not store REAL business data on FourOh-LUG assets, but you may of course model and test it for the purpose.

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