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Welcome to FourOh-LLC

This is version “B” of the FourOh-LLC project plans - please joins us to help better focus, narrow and explain how a Linux User Group could function, with focus on the Manufacturing sector, for the purpose of building a local expert pool.

Starting on 10APR2020 I am going to be active on the #opennic irc on, nickname “factoryfouroh” - as I start building the namespace for FourOh-LLC on the Dark (forgotten) Internet.

This network is tasked with introducing Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC. (FourOh-LLC), documenting its mission, its software and service stack. Please also visit our our BETA (under development) DokuWiki and the web forms.

We build localized, invitation-only, fully secured and encrypted, low-cost and low-maintenenace networks. To participate on this particular instance your home or business address must be within 20 miles from the West Dundee Town Hall. Your purpose must be to build and maintain an online community for your own (personal or business) benefit, and for the benefit of the residents, businesses and other organizations inside our 20 miles radius.

FourOh-LLC does not recognize the concept of anonymous. We operate in our local community of 20 miles radius, we meet face-to face, we do not hide from anyone and nobody is hiding from us. You may use a nickname or a handle to hide your identity from the Global Network, but you may not use it to hide from other FourOh-LLC participants. You must agree with the fact that Mandatory Anonymity is Censorship, and Rights to Privacy is a choice, not a Mandatory Anonymity. This is very important as you cannot build your professional reputation, your credibility as anonymous, and hope to be employed and paid.


Upon approval we are going to provide you with two accounts: one for the YunoHost portal with the Roundcube email client, the collaboration tools Etherpad, and this DokuWiki. The other account is for the Joomla! 3.9 portal with Fabrik web forms, and a traditional forum by Kunena. These online tools, called the FourOh-LLC Software Stack, going to help you gain new skills and new insights regarding to opening a new business or grassroots organization, or helping an existing one within the 20 miles.

Our immediate purpose with this is to create a pool of professionals who are a.) Web Forms Experts, b.) Manufacturing Subject Experts, c.) Supply Chain Experts in the West Dundee area. To establish our FourOh-LLC brand we are looking for opportunities to help your small business or grassroots organization, but only within the same 20 miles.

Our long-term goal is to create a certified resource pool to help small manufacturers and warehouses in transitioning closer to Industry 4.0 advancements, in the local area. Unfortunately most Industry 4.0 deployments are permanent (you cannot go back), they are expensive and could be disruptive to your daily production / operation. FourOh-LLC is going to help you to better prepare for it by training and tasking your own employees, and using your own spare, or otherwise under-utilized capacity.

FourOh-LLC is not an “Industry 4.0” entity, please read our brief discussion about the differences between Industry 4.0 and FourOh-LLC.

Complement your Website

If you own a business you probably have a website you cannot touch. Your service provider is managing it for you as a marketing tool, to make you look as good as possible on the global marketplace. Although you have no other use for it this is perfectly fine, if you need it keep it.

We do not build 'websites', we build fully equipped and fully configured networks which you must keep updated, you must change and use. It has a local -not global- purpose, it comes with enterprise-level, secure and encrypted email, enterprise-class database and directory, a secure web portal, web sites and web forms, real-time chat and real-time collaborative text editing, a wiki, and a traditional user forum. We provide you with all these resources for the maintenance fee of 160.00 USD a year. In exchange, your efforts to train yourself and develop your business process going to help everyone to profit from the shared support infrastructure built around FourOh-LLC. If you are a grassroots your installation helps us prove the reliability and usefulness of our approach and our technology stack, and helps us develop and keep a larger pool of residents with expert skills.

Sometimes called the Intranet, the Extra-net, Edge-computing - we call it the FourOh-LLC Software Stack, which is software configured, maintained, and ready for your manufacturing production floor.

Crush your Competitor

Those who find a way to adopt the FourOh-LLC Software Stack are going to gain superior capacity versus those who do not. Industry 4.0 is all about superior supply chains for processes, products, information. You cannot create charts from data on paper forms: but using the FourOh-LLC Software Stack you may quickly create the web forms to migrate that data into the database, structure and filter that data, then download to your spreadsheets to chart it.

Not taking full advantage of something like the Fouroh-LLC Software Stack is the prime example of penny-wise and dollar-foolish. Soon this could costs you some business opportunities, loss of revenue, even the loss of your business. Your competitors will crush You.

Linux User Group

FourOh-LLC is basically a Linux User Group (LUG), with the added purpose to create profit and become self-sustained, and with the added focus on the Manufacturing and Warehousing Sectors. These two Sectors are severely under-served by Information Technology Professionals as knowing web-development alone is not sufficient on the factory floor - you need to understand production as well.

FourOh-LLC is 100% true to the traditional LUG concept to share without reservation1), promote the GNU philosophy by using GPL software, and keep it in the community with face-to face “install fests”. Contact us, become a participant, and let us gather at the pub, on campus, in your engineering office and using Virtual Private Servers lets create your very own FourOh-LLC Software Stack.

Skills for Sale

Until we gain participants with skills and capacity using the FourOh-LLC Software Stack we have nothing for sale.

All and every relevant laws, regulations and business ethics still apply
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