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Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC. (FourOh-LLC) was incorporated in 2019 January 16th. Its Registered Agent is Corporation Services Company, 251 Little Falls Drive, Wilmington DE 19808. The FEIN assigned to FourOh-LLC is 83-3191174. The current FourOh-LLC business address is 437 Cavalier Ct Unit 311 West Dundee IL 60119. FourOh-LLC is a SMLLC with no employees, no cash flow, and its owner is Mr. Sandor Kunyik, Founder and Technology Evangelist. The primary email address for LOCAL contact is postmaster@kane-il.us, for outside of Kane County, IL it is postmaster@factoryfouroh.net. To contact the current maintainer of this Dokuwiki please send to wikiadmin@welcome.factoryfouroh.net.


The LLC exists to establish the financial and legal requirements, while most of the shared business logic components fundamental to Manufacturing, Warehousing, and the relevant Supply Chain are being implemented. FourOh-LLC is still in the process of creating its unique set of assets (internet infrastructure, data warehouse, supply chain data and management, 3D-printed workpieces, production equipment). The latest sum of recurring payments is around 1,000 USD a year - this is the minimum cost if you want to copy or compete with Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC. This is the cost to maintain our Internet Infrastructure. I maintain a global forum for general discussion about design, operational objectives and the like.


The LUG creates the technology stack and infrastructure, built to be copied by the participants. The traditional Linux User Group (LUG) is refocused around Manufacturing, and repurposed by FourOh-LLC to become self-sustained.

Each instance of the FourOh-LUG is projected to cost at or below 160.00 USD / year (payed by you to Gandi, Linode, OVH for domain and VPS leases). You do not pay us anything, all of the 160.00 USD is to be paid by you directly. We are not collecting any money, and we are not accepting any donations.

The 160.00 USD a year is what your manufacturing or relevant operation must earn or save, or write down as business expense in order to break even. Of course when you compete with FourOh-LLC the 1,000 USD / year is going to be added to this (as you need to replace the FourOh-LLC Internet Infrastructure with your own).


Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC. is a limited, scaled-back instance of a so-far unspecified Manufacturing Association., Occupational Training Association, Local Supply Chain, or something comparative. Its primary objectives shall be to help move the self-employed or the tiny (few employees) shop closer to Industry 4.0., and to help create expert pools in manufacturing and the related supply chain.

FourOh-LUG Experts

This is only a sample of the Technology Stack you need to be able to install, backup, restore. There is a basic skill requirement to configure, customize, upgrade - but without any scripting or application programming.

These include most management and utility layers such as BIND, LDAP, SQL, SMTP - each configured via Webmin, YunoHost or by Joomla. They also help you install and manage some - but not all - production software such as this Dokuwiki, the forum Hubzilla, the webmail Roundcube.

Then of course there is the manufacturing-specific software you want to learn and use - if you are a manufacturing expert.

These software are relevant in nearly all sectors of Manufacturing, especially for those who tinker with micro controllers, Raspberry Pi, and such.

Becoming a FourOh-LUG Expert does not require a formal engineering training, all it takes is passion and talent for Manufacturing, and some of your time to self-train.

There are no tutorials, books, online courses about becoming a FourOh-LUG Expert.
Our assumption is that you are coming here motivated, and you are willing and able to learn what you must in order to participate in FourOh-LUG.

FourOh-LLC Members

The Technology Stack is going to provide instant, or at least expedited access to these benefits, listed on our business card and documented by this wiki. Two more technologies - 3D Printing and XML Databases are being added to the list of FourOh-LLC capacities.

Gain Access to a GNU/Linux Expert Pool

FourOh-LLC is constantly looking for participants in the Geographic Area who are able to work with Open Source Software. We hope to have a directory of experts and aspiring candidates soon.

Develop your Manufacturing Corporate Culture

FourOh-LLC is building a data warehouse to provide you with out-of-box functionality regarding industry jargon. We call it Vocabulary and Dictionary, the stuff that turns Tribal Knowledge into Corporate Culture.

Enterprise-level Quality for 160 USD / year

FourOh-LLC has built a small but sufficient web, database, e-mail, internet portal, social network infrastructure for its own use. Our experts and candidates can build the same for you, included in the 160 / yearly fee.

Model and explore workflow, heat-map, capacity planning

This is the area where the small shops are entirely abandoned by Manufacturing Associations and the Industry. Including this capacity (even if in a limited form) in the 160 USD / year cost model is at the core of both FourOh-LLC and FourOh-LUG.

Stay 100% Compatible and Ready for True Enterprise-level Upgrade

FourOh-LLC provides MySQL databases with Fabrik webforms, a combination that is much closer to enterprise-quality than paper forms and lose spreadsheets. When your data is already in MySQL your migration is greatly simplified.

Build & Use Your OWN, and Stop Renting Inferior One-Size-Fits-All Services

This is what we call Owner Operators.


FourOh-LLC and FourOh-LUG are probably not the final shape and form of owner-operated networks (the core concept by YunoHost, Hubzilla, and an increasing number of other Open Source projects). However, the combination of an LLC and the LUG should provide us (small manufacturers and supply-chain members) a solid use case, and a sustainable way forward.

Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC. is the first instance (at least in Kane County, Illinois) of these owner-operated networks, focused solely on Manufacturing. The SMLLC is far better suited for our purposes than any flavor of Nonprofit_organization, and this is only one aspect of the clear, no-nonsense approach to reality employed by FourOh-LLC and FourOh-LUG. Our Policy and our Community Rules mirror that by YunoHost, and to date we did not replace or add any more to that. As long as you use common sense you write, post and act any way you want - but we are local, we meet face to face, and we should never violate each other's trust.

Under the menu on the left we structure and further detail the resources being built and used by Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC. Feel free to browse, email your questions, and find your entry point as a FourOh-LLC or FourOh-LUG participant.


Just by installing an equivalent, for-profit business next door to us you are NOT necessarily a competitor. Your costs, level of service, and your credibility must be in the same arena with ours - otherwise you are competing with others in your own class.

Its more likely that you are going to install a FourOh-LLC or FourOh-LUG type of operation outside the radius of our service area, which is usually a 30-minute drive one way, from the Village Hall of West Dundee, Illinois - Plus Code.

Instead of direct competitors we are most likely become cooperative partners, as pooling our resources is fundamental to everything written above. While our primary focus is on Manufacturing - you may adopt the FourOh-LLC concept in Construction, in Hospitality, in any other sector irrelevant to us.

Our Purpose

Our ultimate purpose is to help create a Local Manufacturing Supply Chain in Kane County Illinois, which is where we live, which is our home.

We are currently investing resources (time, expertise, money) into building an expert pool, and creating a brand for owner-operated networks. It is yet to be seen what the best way forward - a Manufacturing Association, Trade School, Employment Agency, or a mix of all the above?

We appreciate if you help us by donating production time, equipment, floor space in your warehouse. In exchange we provide expert help in any of the areas we present to you on our networks. Besides getting involved in FourOh-LUG or FourOh-LLC, bartering is the only way for you to contribute, as we prefer to incubate a little longer. We cannot accept cash donations and we do not charge for our services.

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