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The FourOh-LLC Network Policy

We are in the process of constructing and publishing a clear, brief, no-nonsense policy which combines the Network Access Policy, the Right to Privacy Policy, the Terms of Service, and any other Mandatory legal constructs.

Sanity Check

I am the Founder of Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC., and also a Naturalized US Citizen who took an oath to protect the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America. I was born in the socialist Hungary in 1968, and I lived my first 19 years in the Socialist People's Republic of Hungary.

I never going to support any ideology or action which promotes Socialism, may that be a Democratic, Independent, Conservative, Liberal, Progressive, etc. etc. Political, Economic, Cultural, Ethical, Spiritual etc. etc. Agenda. Socialism is corruption and decay without measure, it is secrecy and deception, it is ethical and moral deprivation and should be stamped as crime against Humanity.

2019 Christmas is just days away, and recent events have shown us that we (individuals) may no longer write what we mean without declaring that we mean what we write - and we must declare repeatedly, with passion and with dedication. Recent events have shown us just how easy it is to shift focus, destroy context, and claim authority without credibility. Recent events have shown us just how easy it is to destroy our credibility by those who we never met, never even know they existed - until it is too late.

Based on the facts above, and the arguments outlined below I declare that I am loyal to the Republican Party (GOP) as it works tirelessly to prevent a Socialist or a Communist Government taking charge in the USA. To ensure Ethical integrity, FourOh-LLC Technology Administrators (such as myself) must be known, active, and trusted members of the GOP - without current ambitions to occupy any political office or position.

Our Access License which you must agree with is called Not to Comply. In that we introduce our efforts to reject the conspiracy called conformity, where one individual is (being held responsible, forced to share responsibility) for the actions of another individual or that of a group - that of corrupt politician(s), incompetent scientist(s), indoctrinated educator(s). FourOh-LLC refuses to take up arguments employing blame, excuse, shifting of focus and responsibility, circular reasoning - these are favored tools of Socialist actors as arguments which cannot be concluded.

First and foremost example - FourOh-LLC rejects any argument promoting Gun Control. It is a fact that a Socialist Constitution, and the Bill of Rights cannot co-exist. It is a fact that Socialism cannot establish its single-party, secretive and abusive Government on top of an armed and free citizenry. It is a fact that law-abiding citizens are constantly blamed for the gun-violence committed by the criminal, the deranged, the corrupt and the deceived. Attacks against the Second Amendment is a loud and clear alarm-bell to all who understands Socialism. Their “reasoning” repeatedly employs the “blame one individual for the actions of another or that of a group” argument, which cannot be concluded only surrendered.

Every participant in FourOh-LLC should be terrified of the possibility of a Socialist Government coming to power in the United States, fracturing the Union into a Socialist and a Republican States of America. Socialists never surrender power, once in charge their only genuine effort is going to be about staying in power. Therefore you do not need to use or even like guns, but you need to understand what could realistically happen to a fully disarmed population.

FourOh-LLC adopts the free capitalist marketplace, which is based on the voluntary exchange of resources. We advocate the responsibility of the individual to gain and preserve and share material, financial, intellectual, spiritual and ethical surplus.

FourOh-LLC is a privileged-access network for those who understand how the free market works, and want to work within the rules of the free market. WE DO NOT WELCOME ALL - this is not a network for those who argue the success of Capitalism, promote Socialist delusions such as Universal Minimum Income, complain about anything in the Bill of Rights, resolved to remain a Public Charge from the cradle to the grave - and more of the same.

If you are one of those individuals use your Constitutional Right Not to Join Us. All we ask of you is to move away from the FourOh-LLC Networks, and do not come back before you have your head screwed on permanently and straight.

Not to Comply

The Policy shall be constructed in the spirit of what is written on the left side.

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