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Privacy Policy

Draft, revision 0.0.1

Until our Not to Comply general policy is ready:

Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC. operates in the immediate neighborhood of 20 miles radius from the Village Hall of West Dundee, Illinois.

We do not allow access to our networks for residents, students, businesses, or other entities outside of that 20 miles radius. We promote, and eventually require a face-to face meeting with all our participants with access to our networks.

Due to these special arrangements, the concept of anonymity does not apply to our network, and our Privacy Policy reflects that.

Any recorded data of unethical or illegal nature is going to be removed without any warning. All publicly displayed data is used in accordance of the licensing agreement on the bottom of every page on this wiki. All content and data locked behind privileged logins remain the property of those who control the access privileges (Private Property).

FourOh-LLC does not take responsibility for any data security breach due to your mistakes.

We never sell or otherwise exploit your data. By regular security updates and by regular maintenance we do our best to prevent illegal security breach (hacking / cracking).

Your best preventive measure is to NEVER store SENSITIVE data on our networks! The only exception to this is encrypted email content, which is safe to store and transmit.

This Privacy Policy is in effect as of December 6, 2019.

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