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How to Reach Us

The only way to reach us (intellectually) is by promoting and using FourOh-LLC, the grassroots and other organizations using the FourOh-LLC Network, and by contributing to the FourOh-LLC Projects.

The single most reliable way to contact us is by emailing postmaster for the domain or for the sub-domain you are visiting: for this web that is The postmaster accounts are listed by our DNS service instances on the internet, and they are forwarded and monitored every day.

We are also listed with Google Business, we have a Telegram group at, you may text our shared tablet at 12244258662 (this is data-only no voice). My GOP-related Twitter account is my real name, @SandorKunyik

Just you know - we block and blacklist all solicitors selling “web design” and other irrelevant stuff. We do not need “a great looking website” which is going to make FourOh-LLC “look like a billion-dollars business” because:

  • We do not want to make FourOh-LLC into a billion dollar business
  • We have no use for a dinky little website, we have entire networks
  • We are local - we do not need a global good look
  • FourOh-LLC is a process, not a Company, a Service or a Product
  • Nothing we need or want is available for sale (Life, Liberty and Prosperity for All).
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