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Plans and Projects

We are a community builder, and we donate our resources (time, money, ambitions, creativity) and our expertise (manufacturing, technology, management, legal) - for your reciprocal donations to our GoFundMe fundraiser. The recommended donation is 160.00 USD per year, for which we provide you with a sub-domain and encrypted email account, a wiki, a forum, a real-time collaboration tool, and a web form development environment.

Fouroh-LLC recognizes two type of projects: Factory 4.0 Instances (manufacturing and warehouse, for Industry 4.0 implementations) and Community Deployments of the FourOh-LLC Software Stack (grassroots, proof of concept, community support for growing the FourOh-LLC Brand).

The Community Deployments may also be politically charged projects (grassroots) - we are members and supporters of the Republican Party (GOP). Sorry - we do not support any other affiliation for grassroots, please engage us on the business side.

Grassroots are not “charities”, they are entities empowering the individual to act on issues. The test is to ask the question: “Is this going to give a man a fish, or teach a man to fish?”

We do not initiate, support and sustain charities, so you need to come to us with a passionate agenda, with long term plans and some projections for results. The best example of this is to start your own business, but you might be building a park or a playground, restoring a wine-cellar, populating a museum with artifacts, or organizing an investment group.

Anything that helps you, the individual, to share your financial, intellectual, ethical, spiritual surplus inside of our 20 miles of community is going to be supported by us.

You are going to be required to credit FourOh-LLC on your main or primary web, for our resources and services rendered.

We do not work for free, and the 160.00 USD is used entirely to cover our costs. Our “profit” is in gaining exposure, establishing our credibility, and growing the FourOh-LLC brand.

You are welcome to chit-chat with us about this on, or send an email to postmaster at

FourOh-LLC itself is a Project / Deployment, as we document and share ways you might use our resources for your own purposes. Helping YOURSELF is helping your Community as well!

Kane County Business Network

We are building and sustaining a fully secured business network at Currently there are no details, the project is in a very early concept phase.

Kane County GOP Network

We are initiating, building and sustaining a fully secured network at for the Kane County GOP. This is not an official GOP resource, this is grassroots. If you are a supporter and you want to learn the Administration of that network please contact postmaster. The conditions are that you must become a known and trusted individual, and you must not be running for any seat or position - for the Technology Administrators must remain free of conflicting interests.

How to start a Community Deployment

This is the recommended way to get involved in FourOh-LLC, following a natural and logical progression.

  • organize and validate under
  • make it Official with a domain name,, hosted by FourOh-LLC.
  • move it away from FourOh-LLC when you gain capacity for more and bigger

Again, for politically charged grassroots we only consider conservative projects. We also do not consider charities - there is unlimited demand for handouts. We do not oppose charities, we indeed support charities via our Church. on a deep and personal level. On the FourOh-LLC organizational level we realize, plan, design, and create self-sustained solutions. Charities are not solutions, they are patches and crutches. Again, the test is asking the question: “Is this going to give a man a fish, or teach a man to fish?”

The First Step

We started creating the GOP Grassroots Network when one of us got on the ballot for the committee for our precinct. To support her efforts a secure network was created with encrypted email, a wiki, a real-time collaboration platform . . . you probably recognize the standard FourOh-LLC Software Stack. Any and every organization need these tools, and your first step should be to spend 160.00 USD on the FourOh-LLC software and service stack.

Next Steps

Using the FourOh-LLC security model start recruiting, separating function from purpose. Email shall carry all confidential communication world-wide. The real-time collaboration tool Etherpad should be used to create the organizational hierarchy, and create the organizational documents. The Wiki should be used to distribute read-only info for both the members (confidential) and for the internet (public). The web forms should be used to capture, update, organize massive amounts of data.

The Final Step

Your network should be prepared to deal with growth and plan the migration to an optimal platform - based on the shape and form your Community is taking.

How to start a Factory 4.0 Deployment

The best way to start is by creating a team, and FourOh-LLC recommends minimum 2, maximum 3 people. The third person should be there to learn how to substitute for either and for both team members, and should be the candidate FourOh-LLC Software Stack expert and administrator. This is not an required role, however, so the 3rd person is optional.

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