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The FourOh-LLC Software Stack

We do not “brand” other people's work as our own. We are a Linux User Group (LUG) for all ethical and practical purposes. We love to use the GNU/Linux software, and we love to give credit and extend credibility.

What We Receive

We adopt the GNU Philosophy and we adopt the General Public License as “users” - we do not code or provide any contribution back into GNU. Instead we hope to elevate the GNU brand by respecting and crediting those who built it, and continue building it.

What We Contribute

We are not so generous when it comes to our services, to the content we create or receive and store on our networks. Lets face it - FourOh-LLC is a for-profit entity. Instead of a fully-permissive license we chose to use the CC-BY-SA 4.0 - which is essentially forcing you to credit FourOh-LLC for what you take from here. You are still receiving it free of monetary cost - but we need your help to build our brand, the brand of the GPL, the brand of the creators of the software we use such as YunoHost, Roundcube and others.

So we DO INDEED contribute back into the community, as we do not re-brand anything, and we do hard work and make sincere efforts. The reputation of our brand is our greatest asset, and that reputation depends largely on the technology other people built for us.

What You Contribute

If you decide to use and trust the FourOh-LLC brand this chain of credibility is going to be extended for your own purposes, and going to be made stronger by the new resources you create.

Your $160.00 / year fee is going to allow FourOh-LLC to maintain a state-of the art internet infrastructure, for all those who want to learn How to build it starting from nothing, how to maintain it, protect it and most importantly - how to purpose it for profit!

What is Guaranteed

In one year time you are going to recover that 160.00 USD - which is less than the hourly rate any contracted manufacturing expert would charge.

FourOh-LLC is a purpose-built network, we only allow access to entities who agree to keep focus on manufacturing and promise not to pollute with off-topic content. We are determined to maintain a network where you want your employees to spend some time while on the clock!

We do not sensor, but we do moderate - so we may provide network availability, access security, (encrypted) email, real-time chat that is comparable to any other service of the same type.

Basic Network Diagram

We are not graphic artists so the diagram is not very impressive - but hopefully helpful. The FourOh-LLC Network

When you implement FourOh-LLC inside your business all but the FourOh-LLC DNS is going to be under your control. Read here for an explanation why the DNS must remain on the FourOh-LLC Network. You may transfer your DNS records away from FourOh-LLC - but then you are no longer a FourOh-LLC instance. This must happen once you trasfer your Pilots to an enterprise-level service provider - Congratulation on your success!

You may not change the Licensing - the GNU/Linux software and service stack, installed on the Virtual Private Servers, is Licensed to FourOh-LLC by the GPL, and this license is transferred to you. FourOh-LLC cannot, and wantnot change this.

Content locked behind login privileges remain the Private Property of their respective owners. All content displayed publicly is released under the CC-BY-SA (link to the full license is at the bottom of every page on this wiki).

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