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Most of the FourOh-LLC network is 'invisible' to all but the Administrators. The rest include the support services such as the DNS, hosts for future projects such as an XML database for environmental regulations, Hubzilla federated social network, and cloud computing nodes for redundancy and fail over.

Anything maybe used in Manufacturing - such as modeling and simulation - is a candidate to be implemented and hosted by FourOh-LLC in the future.

Cloud Computing

There are public clouds and there are private clouds.

Public Cloud

FourOh-LLC is using three Providers: OVH, Linode and GCE. We build everything on Virtual Private Servers, we do not currently use any cloud computing features. In the future, based on input from our Administrators we might build our own Public Cloud based on something like OpenNebula or Cloudmin - or we chose one of our Providers.

We DO NOT use any other Provider - this is based on the need to keep the technology stack simplified, at the expense of features and flexibility.

Private Cloud

A small cloud using Virtualmin is an option for your shop - we do not currently have the manpower to install and manage anything more complex. Virtualmin with a few dozen nodes is sufficient when all you need to do is connect some assets such as computers, pads, and production machines.

However, we hope to find Linux experts, and develop the necessary skills to be able to pre-build Virtualmin and OpenNebula clouds and lease them to your shop.

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