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Why You No Host?

YunoHost was inspired by this question in broken English - really, why not? The answer to the question is this stable, simplified and fully RFC-Compliant service stack, and they named it YunoHost. YunoHost is not a 'server', it is a Service Stack Host. FourOh-LLC is purposing it as a fully Owner-Operated, Privilege-Acess, Fully Moderated Private Network.


FourOh-LLC is your primary provider of technical support - but you are not reliant only on our help. The navigational page has the link to the YunoHost web and user community. Support: The Official YunoHost Web

When you click that link it opens a browser window, you may select a random handle to join in the real-time support chatroom. Of course, the best and fastest assistance comes to those who are known by the user community, knows when and how to ask, and not only asks for assistance but also provides it. Support: Enter the Chatroom

The same as YunoHost, FourOh-LLC is building a brand, and we are going to do all we can to build the YunoHost brand alongside our own. When you partake in FourOh-LLC we ask you to respect our selection of the current software stack and learn to support YunoHost.

You might love and support another Service Host (there are many to chose from), and we respect that. We are testing and considering Virtualmin as a complementary stack to YunoHost. Bring your ideas, and lets discuss giving them a purpose and start testing them the same way as we do with Virtualmin. Nevertheless, until this page is updated in regards to the Service Stack we use and support only YunoHost.

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