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Please read the Introduction page first: the last conceptual and structural update to that page was on 31DEC2020.



Gab Pro went on sale, and I (Mr. Sandor Kunyik) got a lifetime membership. This opens up, for now, the Gab Marketplace. This is not a permanent arrangement, Gab Pro is a test.


The evolution of the Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC. continues with our first Web3 resource, the Web3 Public Broadcast System. Eventually all of our legacy DNS zones are either bridged, or entirely moved to the new platform.

I (Mr. Sandor Kunyik, Founder and Technology Evangelist) no longer have Twitter, Telegram or other accounts. These massively populous networks have very few or no participants who share our focus, so maintaining accounts on any of the 20-30 forums is wasted effort.


A new wiki is being created at Desktop 3D Printing. This is the first step in breaking up this current wiki into smaller, more manageable pieces. The new wiki is considered to be a sandbox, to test how the 3D printing resources (text, OpenSCAD script, OpenSCAD model and animation images, CAD and engineering data from Manufacturers) maybe structured and presented.


We are now a Brave Creator. If you visit this wiki using the Brave browser on the Desktop you may send us some BATs. For some reason the mobile version of the Brave browser is not working - we are testing it every day hoping Brave Software is going to fix this soon.

None of what we have built so far managed to attract any new participant, and we need to fundamentally change our approach to our purpose: to build a local, owner-operated, moderated network and forum.

Please sign up at our Public Forum, which is now the only other resource: we are going to remove all AmericaFirst wikis and forums. Trying to build a local citizen journalist network ended in a total failure, we are not going to try it again.


Joomla! 4.0 is now in production. While Fabrikar, the web form we use, is not yet compatible with it there is plan to make it work soon. In the meanwhile we are installing new instances of Joomla! 4.0 to experiment with it.


We are about to merge AmericaFirst All Fifty States civil disobedience network with Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC. We are NOT political activists, we are US citizens. We are going to cement the foundations of our owner-operated networks in this only relevant fact.


We have been experimenting with different COTS, mostly with hardware cloth such as mosquito nets, chicken wire, rabbit fences, bird nets.


Today Factory 4.0 Open initiative, LLC. (FourOh-LLC) becomes a Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) member. This is one step towards the goal to find interested people and organizations about bringing manufacturing closer to cutting-edge, best-practices, owner-operated Information Technology resources… Such as YunoHost, Hubzilla, and FourOh-LLC of course!


Created the Data Warehouse page, and started to connect the web forms to this wiki.


The Zot Directory Secondary is now online. In the next 30 days the Zot network is going to slowly integrate it, and it should become visible in the directory list. From that point forward FourOh-LLC hubs should be using this server, and use the others as backup.


Hubzilla is taking on a larger role, and one component is the Directory Server instance. We are working on zot.factoryfouroh.net - a subdomain to become a secondary server in the Zot network - and the primary for the FourOh-LLC network.


I am going to start publishing a few 'gauges' project.


There are now three hubs where the introduction of this project takes place:

Working on importing tie-plates from Simpson Strong-Tie. This is the first hardware manufacturer and supplier added to this wiki, so the landing page should be used as the template for all other MCS entities of the same type.


FourOh-LLC brand for display is now available at FourOh-LLC Artworks


Hubzilla Technology Evangelist: Course 101


Business Continuity Planning: FourOh-BCP
Wikipedia: Business continuity planning


There is now a “fouroh-llc” account on the OpenSCAD forum, http://forum.openscad.org/
Current namespace: Corporate Culture
Current namespace: Dictionary


Current namespace: Tribal Knowledge
There are now several places where the introduction of this project takes place:


The web forms under DictionaryHardwareFastenersHWFST9-9F01 should be developed to Version 1.0


Our current priority is to connect this Wiki, our Web Forms, and our ERP. Our next location is at Hotel → Ha - Hardware, to create the Lading Page.

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