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Apache Directory

Primary URI: Apache Directory
License URI: Apache License 2.0
Wikipedia: Apache Directory
Cost to you: Included in the 160.00 USD annual estimate.
Created on 03JAN2021, by wikiadmin

Status Update

07MAR2021 by wikiadmin - For past Status Updates please visit the archives page.
The ADS 2.0 service was taken offline, and reassigned to a low priority. For the time being the directory server is going to be implemented in a single OpenLDAP instance. The ADS service is going to be restored only after there is an Administrator, and at least two separate entities requesting it.


Most Industry 4.0 components require a directory service. To clarify this: its not you, the shop owner who needs this, its your service provider candidate. Just like a semi-trailer that needs an elevated dock - their industrial gateway service is designed to use a Directory Service. Their product or service simply does not function without one.

We provide that to you via your own Apache Directory partitions, one under the FourOh-LLC (or FourOh-LUG if you host your own), and additional ones under your own domain such as:

  • dn:o=mikestoolanddie,dc=mikestoolanddie,dc=com
  • dn:o=fourohmigration,dc=fouroh,dc=mikestoolanddie,dc=com

You do not need to create or maintain a Directory for your own use. All you need to do is provide the engineer of your service provider with access to it, and they configure everything necessary to make their gateway functional (you do not need to park and load / unload the semi trailer, all you need to do is open the dock door and provide the fork lift).

The basic process is: Pen and PaperFourOh-LLC (or Fouroh-LUG)Commercial Enterprise Platform.


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