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Primary URI: Software Freedom Conservancy
License URI: GPL 2.0
Wikipedia: Git
Cost to you: Included in the 160.00 USD annual estimate.
Created on 05JAN2021, by wikiadmin

Status Update

05JAN2021 by wikiadmin - For past Status Updates please visit the archives page.
This landing page is created, but the details about using git are not yet decided. Its likely to be between Github or Gitbucket at first, then moved to Gitlab or Gitea on YunoHost.


The technology stack supported by FourOh-LUG is made up by various scripting platforms: Perl, Python, Bash(shell), PHP, SQL, XML, OpenSCAD. So far only OpenSCAD requires active script development and maintenance. XML is only in our future plans, and the rest are hidden by their platforms and their GUI (this included SQL by Fabrik Web Forms).

The section for Git is used as a container for all, as FourOh_LLC and FourOh-LUG is not planning to do a lot of active software development. One container to fit and organize all necessary effort should be the ideal arrangement.

OpenSCAD might be a special case, as models that must be printed over and over again CANNOT change. This means if they print well on HardwareA, with FilamentA, SettingsA - they probably require a slightly different version to print just as well on HardwareB, using FilamentB, SettingsB. The differences are values / tolerances inside the model such as 5.6mm cavity dia on PlatformA, and 5.8mm on PlatformB. Once there is no longer HardwareA - those models should not be printed again as they are NOT going to produce the same results on PlatformB.


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