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Course 101

This section summarizes the access and privacy features, with some explanations and details. The primary focus of this wiki section is terminology, as terms maybe easily confused with concepts established by Facebook and others. The settings are also scattered and some available only after enabling them, so having a summary page helps with forming a more complete picture.

This is not a security or privacy tutorial, and its not meant to explain in details how to configure your hub for your use-case. Anything of that nature might be linked to separate pages, if there is need for it, in the future. We believe the Hubzilla help system, and some experimentation on your part, is sufficient for that.

For FourOh-LLC and FourOh-LUG participation you must install your Hubzilla hub via Yunohost. You may have additional hubs and channels all over Fediverse, installed and configured any way you like.


Account settings

If you go to “Settings” you see three items: Account, Channel, and Display. The (user) Account is the email you used to create the hub itself - this is the record in the hub database, documented in the Administration section. It has only one property accessible to the user: password. It has two methods: change password and remove account. This is your “administrative” account, and it still has no (nomadic) identity.


Default Channel

Creating the first Channel after installing Hubzilla is part of the initial process. This becomes the “Default Channel”, as it is called under Channel Manager. This is your (nomadic) “Identity”, connected to your “administrative” account. As long as it is the “Default Channel” it must remain in place to manage the hub - so it cannot be migrated to a different hub.


Switch Channel

Creating new channels is like creating a new profile. It could have different Channel Roles, Profile Photo and a number of other settings. You use the same Account to log in, then you switch between these channels. You can call it my current channel or my profile, or by its scope such as the publishing channel or the the SQL scripting channel.

Site Admin

This screen manages the hub installation. The screenshot shows that although my Current Channel is the non-administrative “datawarehouse” I still have access to it - because my current channel is not relevant as long as I am logged in with the administrative Account.



Access Control


These three screens allow fine-tuning, but currently they are scattered and are not documented in the Hubzilla Help System.


This is the page that shows every time you make a Connection to another Channel. “Inherited” means that some setting made elsewhere are in effect, and they are grouped under “privacy settings”.



The technology which is hosting the Hubzilla instance. For FourOh-LUG that is YunoHost - its NOT the GNU/Debian Operating System, its not the VPS hosting GNU/Debian, and its not the server box hosting the VPS.


The instance of the Hubzilla installation, your Account, and your Channel(s). It is the non-administrative, the utility, the business-end of the Forum Software.

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