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General Information

The purpose of the Scenarios on this network is not to design a fully functional business - but to help you compare your new business plans or existing business operations to a Factory 4.0 reference design. We are confident that you are going to find opportunities and quickly implement one or more assets illustrated by these Scenarios.

What are your Costs

  • The $160.00 yearly fee
  • Time and effort by a production expert - a process foreman, a department supervisor or a production engineer.
  • You need to identify a pilot project, and task the expert to finish it in five workdays.
  • Allocate at least one hour in each of the five, preferably consecutive workdays.

What are your Returns

  • The project concludes with certainty - does not linger around 'forever'
  • Your expert gains sufficient insight to try it again with refined objectives
  • Your expert learns where, when and how a second team member maybe added
  • You begin to understand the industry Domain, define its Vocabulary, and build its Dictionary
  • You separate your Pilot from your Official resources.

The single most fundamental concept in FourOh-LLC is Agile - to pilot and document your first assumptions, in short and quick successive attempts.

FourOh-LLC develops the skills to abstract the challenges before spending significant resources to model them. Before you lease or build the expensive tools to provide a better service to your Customer it is going to be much quicker to implement test cases - where you control the entire Subject Domain.

We provide your with a fundamental set of tools to begin that process - we do not claim to solve any of your issues. The test data and the test scenarios are here to show you the relevant capacity of FourOh-LLC.

Payments and Support

FourOh-LLC takes the approach of “profit first, pay later” - we do not require anyone to pay the 160.00 USD yearly fee, the 160.00 USD flat fee for service calls, or any other fee up-front.

Mutual Benefit

When our focus and capacity cannot meet your requirements - billing you or your business would be unfair to you, and it would be damaging to the reputation of FourOh-LLC.

When our capacity meet your requirements - the priority is to establish the credibility of the FourOh-LLC Software Stack. This cannot happen without internal support by your own employee or associate. Credibility is established when the balance sheet turns into the black - that is, you are realizing a predictable amount you are gaining or saving.

Of course you do not need to share how much you save or gain, that is confidential business information. However, once you realize that FourOh-LLC is sustainable and profitable you are obligated to pay the yearly fee.

You may of course try and squeeze as much freebie out of FourOh-LLC as possible then abandon it. You may take advantage of the free email and send a few million spam in a hurry. You may do as you please. We appreciate when you do this as quickly as possible, so we may separate cooperating businesses from those who are dismissive.


FouOh-LLC does not fit into any single category, as it is not a “product” it is a “process”. On your end, the minimum amount of participation in FourOh-LLC is using the Software Stack hosted on our VPS.

On our end we promote and grow FourOh-LLC, we train Linux experts who might or might not be your employee to build and support the FourOh-LLC Software Stack. However, this is still far from the mission and the ultimate purpose of FourOh-LLC.

The ultimate goal is to empower individuals and businesses to create, own and operate low-cost, secure, privileged-access, owner-operated FourOh-LLC Networks everywhere there are small shop and warehouse operators. Keeping it local, in a maximum 20 mile radius they operate on a shoe-string budget, they are protected from hostile takeover by another entity. Once they do grow beyond the 20-miles - they increase their costs and become something else, they no longer qualify as a FourOh-LLC instance.

As an owner-operator you are bearing the burden of the upkeep of your network. We do not yet have accurate and sufficient amount of data about the monetary cost: we estimate about 160 USD a year.

We do not have any data in regards of man-hours and the skill-levels required each year - we estimate 8 hours / month at the engineering-level pay-rate.

Other Expenses

FourOh-LLC is not a single “company”, it is a collaborative entity of FourOh-LLC instances. This first instance is centered around the Village Hall of West Dundee, IL.

Individuals and businesses in a 20-mile radius support and benefit from our instance. It is our responsibility to help other instances establish themselves in ANY distance - there is nothing stopping two or more instances from operating across the street from each other. One specializing in wood and lumber - the other in steel, the third in warehouse or transportation.

All instances exist to the benefit of each other, as they all MUST SHARE the same technology stack. Shops and warehouses always find support and training staff - if one disappears, fails to meet the FourOh-LLC standard, or begins to charge astronomical rates another is going to take their place.

However - you also must be willing and able to contribute resources into the FourOh-LLC pool - such as Virtual Private Servers, Software License cost (we are not against software licenses!), and training resources. As soon as there are a handful participants the details of this are going to be designed and published.

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