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Test Business

In FourOh-LLC the supply chain is the abstract business layer. Lets illustrate this with a specific example.

Goldilocks Property Management, Inc. finds, leases, prepares and cleans up the staging area for Mayflowers Plants and Perennials, Co., who is arranging receptions, wedding, funerals, and all sorts of other events with lots of plants, flowers and related decor.

So - who owns what?
Goldilocks owns data - the locations, the schedules, the prices of the staging-area candidates.
Mayflowers owns inventory - the props used in the events, then reused (pots, gravel, pebbles)
Pete owns the consumables - the flowers, the fertilizer, the water

Of course this is a very limited list. The buildings leased or rented, the transportation of the inventory, the laborers of the clean-up crews and a few others are not listed.

Information throughout the supply chain is shared with great care for confidentiality. A price or a location may easily become compromised by a business competitor, by the customer, by the supplier - or by an employee!

Besides the straight-forward information, the supply chain includes external actors co-operating despite conflicting interests. The abstraction allows us to model this co-operation by removing the non-functional parts - the abstract model becomes a static, frozen structure.


The rest of this page builds upon the fact that we have already configured a fully-encrypted email, which should be used to distribute highly sensitive information. FourOh-LLC administrators, or attackers who break into the Fouroh-LLC network do not have access to the decrypted emails. Those emails and their attachments are stored and transmitted in encrypted files, and nobody but the people with access to both the Public Key AND the Passphrase may open and read them.


This collaboration software is a real-time text editor, a real-time chat window, and a “time slider” buffer - you may replay the progression of the text editor window. As we begin the effort to abstract the Manufacturing Supply Chain in our 20-mile radius we place this tool in the center of our attention.

You should read the wiki page above, but then, as soon as possible, you should begin using Etherpad to master it. Lets illustrate the capacity of Etherpad with this complex and elaborate Diagram:

The Domain of Self-Interest and Sharing Each circle represents a Pad, each line thickness represents a weighing of confidentiality, and each intersection represents the necessity to share. The ratio of intersected and non-intersected area represent YOUR control, the control of YOUR business, regardless if YOU are a person or an organization.

Here are some more abstracted observations.

  • There is no circle which is NOT intersected: which means there are plenty of scenarios where FourOh-LLC is NOT able to help you.
  • There is a small circle 100% within a bigger circle: which could mean an employee
  • There is a small circle NOT 100% within a bigger circle: which means a possibly compromised employee!
  • There are circles without a shared area: A business opportunity?

The bottom line is - you could scale, grade, color and shade all you want. Diagrams are not going to make you or save you money as they remain abstracts, concepts, plans and possibilites. Etherpad, on the other hand is a social-media tool with direct results, to your great benefit and peril.

Supply Chain Facts

In the FourOh-LLC (and probably in Industry 4.0) supply chain the traditional concepts of Customer and Supplier are intersecting much the same way as illustrated by the Diagram. When this is not the case the reason could be that there is really no relation - but maybe because the potential was never considered.

The fictional business Mayflowers Plants and Perennials, Co. needs staging area where live plants maybe placed under artificial sunlight, sprinkled with artificial rain, maybe ventilated with artificial wind, even pollinated with artificial bees… the ambitions of Ms. May Flowers has no limits and no bounds. She is constantly searching for sustainable solutions to limit or replace the services supplied by Goldilocks Property Management, Inc. - her key “supplier”. If and when that finally happens it is not going to be quick, not going to affect the entire service line, and this is not going to transform the former “customer” and “supplier” relationship into “competitors”. Instead, Mayflowers Plants and Perennials, Co. going to add a green house to their business assets, and remap their supply and transportation network.

Naming Folders and Pads

One of many ways to use Etherpad is to:

  • Create Folders based on Groups of People or Events
  • Create Pads to Control Access Privilege
  • Collaborate to archive an Objective
  • Encrypt and email the result then destroy the Pads / Folders

Pads are a staging area, and you do not keep them longer than necessary. Especially when using the FourOh-LLC resources (versus a FourOh-LLC instance implemented under your control, inside your own business).

You should use Pads to “practice” how you may organize meetings with competitors, customers, suppliers, employees, auditors, etc. How you should flow information, formulate your plans and strategy. Use Pads as your first opportunity to differentiate between “rental” and “lease”, between “golden sample” and “first article”, between “operation” and “procedure”. You invite and discuss using the Pads by “limiting” and “focusing” the purpose of each Pad. You should start each new Pad like this:

The title of this Pad is “Define Artificial Rain”.
The Objective of this plan is to list all candidates, and attach a short description to each based on the DIFFERENCES“
The Objective is reached after ..

The Objectives may conclude by a deadline - once the Event has started certain issues are no longer relevant. The Objectives may conclude by conditions - once you have reached a contradiction the argument is no longer valid. You use the Pads to “discuss” and “document” all these boldly, without fear.

Selecting Pad Administrator(s)

First and foremost: anyone maybe an Administrator. All you have to do is create a Folder, a few Pads, and invite people. That is all, you are now an Administrator for that Folder, and for those pads.

The purpose of this Wiki page is to illustrate that the person who administers Folders and Pads should have talent and skills with abstraction. If you cannot wring at least a dozen or more possible meaning from the Diagram above - you are not very good with creating and reading abstract models.

Keep Focus!

Folders, Pads and all text in Etherpad is accessible to FourOh-LLC Adminisrators. This is a software tool to share information - use the encrypted email to keep secrets. With Etherpad it is very easy to make a mistake, and expose confidential information by inviting the Wrong Person. Etherpad is a powerful tool, so make sure you master its security measures not just its technical capacity. So - keep focus!

That said - FourOh-LLC is not Facebook or other social chatterbox. Keep your Focus on Manufacturing - no Football Pools, no Church Events, no Politics. No Employer is going to pay FourOh-LLC 160.00 USD / year to run your private social club. We know this sounds incredibly boring, yet remind yourself there is Facebook and there are plenty of alternatives for a Social Club. FourOh-LLC is a platform for Manufacturing and for the Warehouse - nothing less, nothing more. So - keep focus!

Moderating and Censoring

The main difference between the two is that Censoring is external, Moderation is internal in regards to the plans and the purposes of the Community. To properly Administer you need to understand the plans and the purposes of each Folder and Each pad, and act accordingly. Read “Keep Focus!” above to see what “moderating” means, and do not let anyone mistake it with “censoring”.

Censoring means suppressing unfavorable opinions or facts - such as price differences or quality issues. Censoring is used to hide a much bigger problem such as corruption, price-fixing, nepotism, and all sort of stuff - some of which might not be “illegal” but are against ethical standards, Corporate Policy, or a mix of these and more. Censoring erodes ambitions and morale, destroys credibility and invites the wrong type of attention.

Be sure the Folder and Pad Administrators are prepared to make a difference in all situations and circumstances.

Preserving Results

Pads should not be used to keep business data - they are not a database! The purpose of Etherpad is to start with a concept, with some abstract idea - and via collaboration try to reach a Conclusion.

Your text should be preserved in your own install of DokuWiki, on the Joomla! portal, in emails. The rest of your data should be stored in a MySQl / MariaDB database.

To keep preparing a test case we created all email accounts listed on the Test User page. Four of them are created with full encryption, the rest with regular email. Next, we are going to create some Folders and Pads, imaginary events, and invite those imaginary users to illustrate the use of Etherpad.

Before trusting your business to the FourOh-LLC Network, or if you need to perform an audit to verify security and service levels, these logins and other details are going to be available to you.

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