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Test User

These are the login and account information which are fictional, used only to illustrate and validate functionality. As a manufacturing plant or warehouse owner/operator your primary concern is “how this FourOh-LLC thing is able to make or save me money?” These fictional accounts are going to show you that.

Goldy Locks

She is the business owner of “Goldilocks Property Management, Inc.” a fictional business entity specializes in finding and securing flexible floor space rentals. They manage the location, the length of term, the indoor configurations. One of their biggest client is “Mayflowers Plants and Perennials, Co.”, another fictional business entity who installs and maintains indoor and outdoor lawn and garden, arranges artificial decor sets for events, and more.

Dusty Gold

She is a business representative of “Goldilocks”.

April Showers

She is a business representative of “Mayflowers”.

May Flowers

She is the business owner of “Mayflowers Plants and Perennials, Co.” a fictional business entity installing and managing indoor and outdoor lawn and garden. Their key supplier and partner is “Goldilocks” who finds and leases their staging floor space equipped with climate control, artificial daylight, sprinkle systems. After the lease expired “Goldilocks” sterilizes the floor from organic pollution such fertilizer, mold and bugs.

They have the business slogan “Plant your success with Mayflowers!”

Pete Greens

Is the primary soil and fertilizer dealer (Pete Greens Garden Supplies Corporation) to “Mayflowers”, working closely with “Goldilocks” for delivery schedule, drop-off locations.

Rob Peterson

Is another soil and fertilizer dealer, with an advantage of being the closest to one “Mayflowers” drop-off locations.

“Mayflowers” contracts Rob to find and supply the shortages and meet emergency demands, etc.
“Goldilocks” contracts Rob to help with the cleanup of that particular drop-off site.

Paul Given

Is another soil and fertilizer dealer, with an advantage of being the closets to another “Mayflowers” drop-off locations.

“Mayflowers” contracts Paul to find and supply the shortages and meet emergency demands, etc.
“Goldilocks” contracts Paul to help with the cleanup of that particular drop-off site.

Steven Even

Is another soil and fertilizer dealer, with an advantage of being the closets to yet another “Mayflowers” drop-off locations.

“Mayflowers” contracts Steven to find and supply the shortages and meet emergency demands, etc.
“Goldilocks” contracts Steven to help with the cleanup of that particular drop-off site.

Step 1.) YunoHost 3.6

Adding users to YunoHost may only be performed by the Administrator. There is no automated sign-up, there are no additional administrator accounts, and there is no other way. Once you send us an email request, and we approve your request, your account is going to be created and the password is emailed back to you. Step 1.) Creating the YunoHost Account

This is Step 1 in the participation process in FourOh-LLC. Initially, your e-mail account is limited to 64 megabytes so do not send or receive large files, photos or video attachments - using HTML or text-only this is enough for thousands of emails.

YunoHost Login

Login to the Portal by visiting here. Step 1.) Login to your New Account

Notice there is no “Forgot My Password” or “Forgot My Login” - so from this point forward do not lose your passwords. YunoHost is created and maintained with reliability and security in mind - all optional, extra features are removed to reduce the risk of breaking the system. The Administrator is able to reset your password - but only when your identity is beyond doubt.

Step 1.) Your Home Page Currently the three icons are the standard tools of the FourOh-LLC Software Stack. If you are familiar with mobile apps, spreadsheets, and have some basic computer skills you should be able to Master - not just learn but Master - these tools in about 5 days, using them one hour each consecutive day.

Account Configuration

Please change your passwords but do not forget it! As long as you are not an active and known entity in FourOh-LLC the Administrator is not going to reset it. The good news is: your account can be deleted and re-created, and if you have forwarded your email you are not going to lose anything. Etherpad and the Wiki is backed up for everyone, and even after we delete your account your content remains with us. Step 1.) Reset Password, Add Alias

As you see I added the “goldilocks-ceo” alias, to print business cards with this email address. Of course, this works the best when you install the FourOh-LLC Software Stack under your own domain, such as “”, have the login and email “”, and the alias “”.

Sure beats a lone Gmail, Hotmail or a Facebook account for the CEO, by showing that your business is resourceful enough to maintain its own professional IT assets.

Email Configuration

While learning Etherpad and this Wiki is important - mastering the Mail User Agent (MUA) is critical. So click on the YunoHost icon in the lower right corner, and click on the Ro (Roundcube) Icon. Step 1) Login to Roundcube

The initial information maybe changed, but its worth to get it right the first time.

  • The Display name could be “Goldy Locks” or the account “goldilocks”
  • Email must be, do change it from goldilocks@localhost
  • Organization is the full, official business name
  • Signature should be a slogan, but you may create and keep several later on

So for this account I entered the Slogan “We sublease and prepare the floor space for you, then we clean up after you!”

Email Validation

The email is validated by sending and receiving, and if you have a need for it configuring full encryption.

When we sent you the confirmation about your new account we sent one to your email from where you contacted us, and one to this new email account. Step 1.) Email Receive Verification

Full and detailed configuration of the MUA is going to be discussed here. Configuration of the full PGP Encryption should be done by an expert. Remember, we are less than 20 miles from you. We are happy to schedule a visit, come to your site and fully configure the full stack for you - if you are willing to cover our flat fee of 160.00 USD. We do not charge by the hour - instead we charge for the visit, and ensure your Software Stack is configured as it should be. This usually takes between 2-3 hours.

Please be sure to also understand how Encryption works (both the sender and the receiver must be configured). Also be sure that you need it: FourOh-LLC is not reading, selling or otherwise intruding on your privacy. If you decide to implement the FourOh-LLC Software Stack under your control nobody is going to access your email but your Administrator. This is what we say to all who complain that configuring the MUA and full Encryption was not worth their $160.00.

Step 2.) Joomla! 3.9

This is all that was absolutely necessary before we access the Joomla 3.9 Portal, and create the account for our Test User.

The reference images on the Joomla! portal are going to change over time - this is a live testing site that is constantly being developed. For your own pilots you are going to have your own Joomla! Portal, so what we do is not going to interfere with what you do.

Until then you log into the Administrative back-end at

When you work with different web sites it is better to use different browsers and/or clear the browsing history often. Mixing session information may produce unpredictable behavior, falsely suggesting there is a problem with the server certificate, your login, with the website, with “everything”. Clear your browser history to fix “everything”.

Step 2.) Joomla Administrator Login

Create the user “goldilocks-ceo”, and for the email specify the newly created alias: The registration verification email should arrive under your login account. Step 2.) Create Joomla! Portal User

Go and log back into YunoHost (from the other browser) and you should see the confirmation email from the Joomla! Portal. Step 2.) Joomla Account Confirmation

Step 3.) Development

From this point forward you have access to all tools necessary to create your own Pilots.

Be Patient

If you do not currently have an employee familiar with GNU/Linux - it is going to take some time until all employees / friends / family have fully configured accounts, and are able to enter data into web forms, upload and download data. However - that is the main purpose of FourOh-LLC - to provide you with a platform and expert advice to practice and learn.

Separate Email

All your activities now are separated to the FourOh-LLC email account, instead of mixed in with your work, private and leisure emails. This is priceless if you are dedicated to master the FourOh-LLC Software Stack, and resolved to spend months after months here.

Shared Resources

The FourOh-LLC administrator manages all the tools, access rights, backup and restore for you! This is usually done by an IT Professional with a 6-figure income. By using the FourOh-LLC Software Stack, and sharing with other users this is reduced to a 0-figure expense for your business.

Capacity to Expand

Free comes at a price: no customization, narrow utility and usefulness, small capacity. You may not use our online services to store, process and search billions of records each hour, send millions of email each day. However, the option is there to implement the FourOh-LLC Software Stack under your control, and scale it accordingly. Instead of serving your entire “enterprise” with one server, partition to departmental or even smaller groups with a dedicated server for each, under their own sub-domain.

Linux Experts

FourOh-LLC is building a pool of Linux Experts, with focus on Manufacturing, who are able to build and maintain the FourOh-LLC Software Stack in a 20-mile Radius. We are documenting our process with public access, so you may invite experts from anywhere over the Internet to evaluate this for you - and verify our vision, our tools, our purpose, and our capacity.

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