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The Database

In Industry 4.0 The Database is not a single service, it is not a single technology, it is not a single vendor, it is not entirely yours! The Database is something you are part of, but not necessarily own. For most implementations The Database is also The Business Logic, The Supply Chain, and whatever else is needed or desired.

In FourOh-LLC the database is part relational (SQL) and part structural (XML), it is part of the DNS and it is part of the LDAP. In the majority of cases a FourOh-LLC pilot starts where spreadsheet “databases” no longer function or no longer sufficient.

The focus and concerns regarding The Database are not only about the technology, functionality, utility but also about validity. We do not want to get sued, we do not want to sue anyone, we do not want you to get sued, and we do not want you to sue anyone. So the truly important part of the database is about permission and licensing, and about sustained validation of legal standing.

That said - validity also needs to be entirely transparent, nobody is able to get any work done by constantly looking over the shoulder and cowering in fear. This is the only reason FourOh-LLC is so arrogant in regards to network access, and this is why we are creating Not to Comply. We insist that only law-abiding, rational-minded, business-like people with plans for personal gain and profit want to join us - and we (we, as you and I and all of us on this network) are going to eject everyone else.

You cannot blame us at FourOh-LLC, we regard the GND as something very real and breathtakingly irrational. FourOh-LLC have a rational alternative and response to the GND - our FourOh-LLC Network itself, of course!


The Domain Vocabulary explains the concept and the NAICS provides the implementation. This is specific to FourOh-LLC as we try to avoid any chance to infringe on copyright, trademark, or any other legal and intellectual property of others.

Our secondary focus is Warehousing, and this is where we are going to start developing our Supply Chain candidates.

Our primary focus is NAICS 31-33, Manufacturing, which is a very large Sector. We are going to be focusing on Machine Shops, Wood Working, Plastics, CAD and Drafting.

Any violation regarding use of Patents, Trademark, Copyright or confidential business data should be called into our attention by a Cease and Desist request.

As we stated before: many FourOh-LLC Instances may and hopefully going to operate and even co-operate just a few doors from each other, with each focusing on different or complimentary sectors of industry.

On the grassroots side FourOh-LLC is active in the civic sector which is used for validating our infrastructure, and for filtering our potential candidates. Being a privately funded, privileged-access network we are not driven or affected by membership count as much as by the cost of Moderation and Maintenance. Consequently FourOh-LLC is also building and publishing the relevant Vocabularies.


The Dictionary is (mostly) unfiltered data, not yet put in context. For example, “Self-life = 5 Years” is data without context. This data is likely to be supplied to you by FourOh-LLC - such as the part number of the Lithium-ion cell, with the 5-years self-life. Price and price-break, stock levels and regulatory information all going to come from various sources.

Business Logic

Finally - this is entirely up to you, and you may keep this confidential even from FourOh-LLC by installing your own FourOh-LLC Instance and restrict access. You may contract FourOh-LLC to host for you and administer without looking at or using your data. You may select and mix how you prefer to run your own FourOh-LLC Instance.

We display, credit and record our sources: this is not for advertisement, but to protect ourselves from legal litigation. If you think we are trespassing on your property please let us know!


  • Hot Rolled Steel
  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Alloy Steel
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Tool Steel
  • Adding to this list: Magnesium, Graphite.


  • Round Bar
  • Flat/Rectangular Bar
  • Square Bar
  • Hexagonal Bar
  • Channel
  • Beam
  • Angle
  • Sheet
  • Plate
  • Tread Plate
  • Expanded Metal
  • Perforated Sheet
  • Mesh Sheet
  • Pipe
  • Round Tube
  • Square Tube
  • Rectangular Tube
  • Hollow Bar
  • Shafting
  • Drill Rod
  • Precision Ground Stock

. . .

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