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Directory Service

All instances of YunoHost utilize OpenLDAP, but FourOh-LLC is not allowing anyone to use those instances for any other purposes. This is done in an effort to avoid any chance of compromising or breaking YunoHost. A separate directory server need to be implemented, and here is our plan:

We need to make sure that our DNS and our LDAP service is in agreement. Therefore we need to implement the FourOh-LLC zone in its entire scope, which means this:

  • dc=co,dc=factoryfouroh
  • dc=com,dc=factoryfouroh
  • dc=dev,dc-factoryfouroh
  • etc…

We are going to keep each tree on a separate, tiny VPS - but we are going to set up replication to an Aapche Fortress-based instance for backup.

We simply do not have the man-hours to do this now, so if you like to hack LDAP you are most welcome to join us! Otherwise providing Directory Services has to wait until our priorities change in favor for that.

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