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Technical Dictionary

Make sure you read the Relational SQL and the Vocabulary pages before you read this one. You should also read the Projects and Deployments pages. This is probably, most likely but not certainly, the hairiest construct on this Wiki, and we apologize for that.

In computing there are several types of dictionaries. The one type everyone is familiar with looks like an equation, such as Gasket = Part Number

Another type is the one that describes filler gauges. The gap cannot be smaller than 0.02, but it must be larger than 0.01, or 0.01 < gap >= 0.02

How and where do you fit the “for no more than 50% of the circumference” in the equation, in the dictionary?

You could fit this into the SQL database somehow, or use XML which is an entirely different technology form SQL but it is better suited for this type data.

Becoming a FourOh-LLC subject expert includes preparation to recognize the storage and the processing requirements of your data. First, you need to decide if this is something you want to record in the database in the first place (might not have much use for it). Next, you need to decide how you want to store it - as TRUE / FALSE (Boolean), as a VALUE (Integer) or as an ARRAY (range of values). Then, you need to consider WHERE and WHY you want to recall and evaluate this Boolean, Integer or Array.

First the Good News: Fabrik is going to manage most of this for you, the only challenge going to present itself when the database is migrated to the Target Platform. Since that is going to be managed by professionals this is not an issue.

The Bad News? You are going to be obstructed, argued and overpowered by business owners who think they know better than you, by Customers who do not care about your problems, and by the constrains of your finite resources (time, money, patience).

FourOh-LLC Consultation

Pilots in FourOh-LLC should be conceptualized and initiated by your own bosses / employees, but there is the alternative to consult a FourOh-LLC expert before you begin. Here is our advice on priorities:

  1. have one clear, realistic, focused objective regarding your Pilot candidate.
  2. establish your corporate culture in spreadsheets
  3. master the FourOh-LLC Software Stack
  4. build your 2-3 member team and train
  5. take full control and ownership of the objective in step one
  6. rinse and repeat

Again, FourOh-LLC is not a company, not a product - it is a process. You might use any of our tools in any order, but we recommend mastering the FourOh-LLC Software Stack (and training your teams) by documenting your objective and your corporate culture. Use email, Etherpad and the wiki for that, and once you have full control of your objective and your resources you may start piloting on Fabrik.

Your Pilot is going to involve building and managing your Technical Dictionary, as a Subject Expert, relying on the tiny but capable FourOh-LLC Software Stack.

We may help with any and all these priorities and processes online, or on-site. Remember, we are less than 20 miles away, and we do not charge when we did not / could not help you or your production.

Other Dictionaries

While you are going to be working with the Technical Dictionary, you also need to be aware of the Business Dictionary, the Regulatory Dictionary, and a few others. In essence, the business dictionary is occupied with scheduling, priorities and the financial bottom-line. The regulatory dictionary is occupied with rules and regulations such as ISO, OSHA, or industry-specific such as RoHS.

Make sure your objectives do not get side-tracked, confused or de-railed by them. Step 5, “take full control” implies that you make quick and final decisions during your pilot, and refuse to discuss “issues”. When you suspect that something is out of scope - simply ignore it for your current effort and move forward without delay.

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