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XML and BaseX

We have an experimental installation of BaseX on a decent VPS (8GB RAM, 2 cores). We are going to use this instance to include XML in the standard FourOh-LLC Software Stack as soon as possible. This is high priority for a number of reasons, outlined below.

XML Expertise

Professionals with XML expertise on any level are rare and valuable. We are very likely become the only entity in our 20-miles radius who provide XML services - which is going to result in lower price and increased capacity, and greater return for all. If you are an XML expert (on any level) please contact us!

FourOh-LLC is not a Company, not a Product, and not a Service - it is a process. This process includes a “next step” which is to identify and separate the data needed, used, and generated by your business or non-profit which is native XML, or should be in native XML. This means that the first step is a fact-finding effort, and that should include real-life examples, accepted and used in your industry.

Environmental Regulations

Here is a (growing) list of resources relevant in manufacturing, the warehouse and in related engineering and business offices. Those in context (like the ECHA) are listed elsewhere.

  • EPA Envirofacts Data Downloads (US Government)
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