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This page ensures that every wiki page conforms to a minimum set of standards, by including basic information, presented in a clear format. If you want to become familiar with the design details of this wiki please read.


The version of the template changes when the structure has been changed, for example a section is added or removed. The current version for most of the components (web forms, databases, wikipages) is still Not Applicable or N/A, as Factory 4.0 Open Intitiative, LLC. is still incubating. However, some already finalized, and the Version or Ver. is the date of release: for example as 01JAN2021 - or January 1st, 2021


The revision changes when the context of the template or section of the template was changed. For example, after we re-defined the concept of FourOh-LUG or documented a piece in the Technology Stack. The “default” Revision or Rev. is at 0.0.9 and this is seldom shown. The first “production” revision is at (1.0) or at (1.0.0).

Template Header

The header should look something like the image on the right, as not all elements are always applicable. When it becomes important to track, the Rev. or the Ver. maybe added.

Template Header for Reference

More Sections

The ApacheDS or the BIND9 sections are some of the better choices to copy for your own template, as they are fundamental infrastructure pieces in the Technology Stack.

Status Update

This is to show significant changes in the status of the relevant namespace. For historical reference there should be an Archive page as well.


This section should explain what purpose the particular piece, documented in that namespace, has inside Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC. - or in your instance of FourOh-LLC or FourOh-LUG. Everything must be purposed and justified, as arguments and conflicts over best software, pet projects, feature creeps kill mission objectives.


These are important pieces of information you must keep in the forefront as you evolve your purpose with each namespace. These should be links which help you keep focused, and help you progress. The shorter this list the greater your control over your purpose.


We are experimenting with tags, as both Joomla! and this wiki provides them. However, tags may grow out of control - in our humble opinion a word-cloud of 5,000 tags is pretty useless. Tags might eventually become standard part of pages and the namespace, and might even be paired to tags on Joomla!

Side Menu

The menus on the left are deeply cascaded, and we are not going to set a limit on just how deep they may go.

The primary purpose of this wiki is to document separate but relevant pieces of information. For example, Webmin might be used to manage a MySQL instance - but by using the Fabrik plugin Joomla! manages the databases with as little exposure to “raw” SQL as picking good names for database tables and fields. The role of Webmin in managing the MySQL instance is going to be limited to scheduled backup, sending emails in case of trouble, GUI-assisted restore when needed, and other sorts of mostly administrative tasks.

Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC. recommends you structure at least one wiki the same way: not for reading it like a book, but to link deeply into it from all sources such as web forms. The generic structure of using context-free menus allows you to preserve persistent links no matter how your purpose moves and expands in any given namespace. We agree, the NATO alphabet looks cryptic, and the “aa”, “ab” headers are boring - but we feel they offer a fair exchange.

The first landing page is considered to be the page where you see the NATO alphabet. For the Alphabetical list that is right off the home page of the wiki. For the Technology Stack you need to pick one of the namespaces (tech_apacheds, tech_bind9, and so on), which is going to take you to the lading page and the overall description of the technology - such as the Apache DS.

For Bind9 this location is /tech_bind9:landingpage, and the side-menu is /tech_bind9:sidebar. Drilling down to N, as November we get to the Sub-list. We hope it makes sense to you that each of the two-letter entries are going to lead to a Dictionary page. For BIND9, under November (N), there is one Dictionary under N(s), and its first Vocabulary item: “nameserver”. There are not a lot of other abbreviations or English words that starts with “ns”, and has to do with BIND9 - but that's OK. Our wiki is not even at Rev. 1.0 yet, so its less than perfect.


The menus create the namespace for three different groups.

Active Sections

The “project managers” maintain this list, so people who work deep inside the menus have the short-cut. This shall change the most often as people finish sections and move on to others.

Technology Stack

This is the root of all FourOh-LUG documentation and relevant activities. FourOh-LUG Experts and candidates work on these sections, guided by the ultimate experts, the FourOh-LLC Technology Evangelist.

Alphabetical List

This is the business-end of Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC. - and the center of all activities by the FourOh-LLC participants. This is where we define our vocabulary, build our dictionaries, share our data warehouse and deploy our local manufacturing supply chain.

Data Warehouse

This part of Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC. is not visible on this wiki. For most FourOh-LLC Participants the Data Warehouse is a two-tier system, with web forms and with a MySQL remote login.

The difference between the two is that the web forms build the data warehouse so its a read-write MySQL database. As such its data is constantly changing, and its quality is far from optimal.

The remote login connects to a read-only instance, where the data is optimized and scrubbed clean - and for most parts its static. The data you get back is certified to be used in your own pilots and other non-production systems.


On this wiki S&P stands for “security and privacy”. We want to protect our wiki, data, infrastructure from attacks and vandalism, so we are taking basic measures. We apply security updates daily, we do backups (end we archive them off-line indefinitely).

Our DNS servers do not follow your clicks, we do not read your email, we do not ask for your passwords. Please do not store confidential information on our networks - customer or supplier quotes, financial statements, private personal photos.

We do not have lawyers and we do not have valuable data, lets all of us stay out of courts.

Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC. advises against using any part of its resources (data, tools, documentation) for production. You are obligated to use all resources as intended - for research and development, pilots, tests, evaluation.


This particular wiki at https://welcome.factoryfouroh.net/dokuwiki is currently designed and maintained by the Founder of Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC. - who is also its first FourOh-LLC Technology Evangelist.

This self-awarded title simply means that the FourOh-LLC Technology Evangelist prides loyalty to all aspects of Factory 4.0 Open Inititative, LLC., and fully accepts a plan of execution. This implies a level of experience and expertise which is probably over-rated - none of us are talented engineers, managers, executives, teachers and students, leaders and followers ALL IN ONE PERSON.

Therefore the wikiadmin is a role, not a job description. The person assuming the role should change as the wiki evolves and goes though its life-cycle - from design to static maintenance, to re-restructuring, to migration, to archival. It is preferred however, that the current wikiadmin shall also be a FourOh-LLC Technology Evangelist.

Technology List

These links are also available from Sitemap on the upper right corner of every page. We list them here to inventory, for a quick review, the current status of each namespace.

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